Mixed Bag

Mix Old Debts & Good Faith Payments For Bad Results

Old debts don’t live forever. The shell of the debt may hang around, like this mummy, but inside the shell, the debt is dead. But just like a bad mummy movie, old, dead debt can be brought back to life. All it takes is an attempt on your part to be honorable , or an attempt by […]

Strictly California

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A Marital Threesome

  Sounds kinky, doesn't it? Three players in a marriage. Sharing. Everything. Only this is something you can talk about openly, without blushing: community property. Community property is the default arrangement in California for a … Read Full Article

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Foreclosure: The Unseen Hazards

It's not the foreclosing creditor that really threaten California homeowners. It's the forces that follow foreclosure. The junior lender and the tax man can deliver  truly punishing blows to a family losing a home. Cut-off Junior … Read Full Article