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4 Rules For Testifying At Your Bankruptcy Hearing

Going to court for your first meeting of creditors? What are they going to ask me?, you wonder. My bankruptcy clients imagine a quiz on the contents of their bankruptcy papers. Or worse, an inquisition on why they needed to file bankruptcy. That’s not likely.  The first meeting of creditors is much more likely to […]

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Try The Community Property Two Step

Life  and debt often presents us with conflicting imperatives. Bankruptcy is required, but when to file? One pressure says:  File now! Another issue says: Wait! I saw this vividly this week when the couple walked in with a foreclosure sale in two … Read Full Article

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The Most Costly Community Property Blunder

What do you do when creditors from your spouse's past threaten? Chances are your first reaction is to put the title to your biggest assets in just your name. Whew! Safe. Not. Just because  the deed to the house now reads Jane Doe instead of John … Read Full Article

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A Marital Threesome

  Sounds kinky, doesn't it? Three players in a marriage. Sharing. Everything. Only this is something you can talk about openly, without blushing: community property. Community property is the default arrangement in California for a … Read Full Article